Mingouts Metaverse Holi Party | Virtual Events Examples 2022

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When Mingout, the lifestyle and dating platform, decided to throw their first-ever virtual event, they knew they had to make it special. And so they did. On February 22nd, 2022, Mingout hosted their first-ever Holi party in the Metaverse. From the comfort of their own homes, participants were able to celebrate one of India’s most beloved festivals in a truly unique way.


“Holi is the most fun festival in the year. Everyone comes out, celebrates, plays with color, dances, sings, eats. But imagine not being home on Holi. Being away from friends and family and all the sweets and celebration. You could be working in another city, you could be travelling, or you could be unwell. What do you do then?,” Navdeep added, bringing forth Mingout’s core reason to build a digital Holi arena.

Mingout has 5,000+ downloads, of which 60%+ individuals are away from their hometown. An internal survey suggested that over one in every 5 users did not have plans for Holi. Devanshu, CPO of Mingout, added, “I  haven’t been able to go home for Holi in the last 5 years. All we do is a video call. But that’s not the same as putting gulaal. And so we thought…why not give people a more immersive Holi experience. And so we hosted the Metaverse Holi!”

The Metaverse Holi comes 1 month after Mingout hosted the world’s first Metaverse date on Valentines week, 2022.

“Last month, we took one couple to the moon – in the Metaverse,Harshveer, CMO, Mingout, said. “This month, we took 20 people to a Holi party where they could throw gulaal, dance, talk and chill with friends and loved ones. All from the comfort and safety of their home.”

Built in two weeks, Mingout’s Metaverse Holi party will now be a regular feature on the app. The company plans to host more Metavese events, including other festivals, concerts and even college proms. “…if you want, we can host your birthday as well!” Harshveer said. “Now that the technology is ready and tested, anything is possible. A Titanic date, an Oktoberfest get-together, or Halloween Trick o Treat! You can enjoy events and experiences from around the world, from your home. It’s exciting to be able to give people a dream evening of their choice!”

Mingout is always eager to receive any feedback and comments about this completely new idea, that is so fitting for the current times. Mingout is excited about recreating one’s dream dates and parties in the Metaverse.

About Mingout

Mingout is a lifestyle and dating platform that aims to connect individuals over common experiences. Started by graduates from IIM Calcutta, IIT Bombay and IIT BHU, Mingout is a seed funded startup in its launch phase.

Out to ‘disrupt dating’, Mingout has built a niche in the world of romance by ‘bringing the date back in dating’. Standing out as the only app in the world where you can date, not just match, Mingout has, over the last year, conducted 1000+ dates on the app.


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