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Azuki, the creators of 10,000 avatars, have just revealed Hilumia – an interactive metaverse city built by their NFT team for the community. This revolutionary platform offers a unique and engaging experience to all its NFT holders! In this space, you can explore various places, such as Slowpoke’s Toy Haven, Ember Square, Golden Skate Park, and Garden Express, reflecting Azuki’s past, present, and future. So what are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in Hilumia now!

Hilumia is a metaverse city built by the Azuki NFT team, for the community. It features various locations such as Slowpoke’s Toy Haven, Ember Square, Golden Skate Park, and Garden Express. Each location teases to become a unique experience. The world also has very detailed music and sound effects.

The launch of Hilumia brings excitement for both the Azuki and the metaverse spaces. The NFT community can enter Hilumia and feel more confident of the collection with glimpses of what’s to come. Moreover, the world looks incredibly detailed with its own music and sound effects, making it a truly immersive experience. Hop in to see the live experience on Azuki’s official website.

Azuki metaverse, Hilumia, shows various location like 9 Lives Arcade for the community to gather and share experiences.
Several places like 9 Lives Arcade tease community events in the Azuki metaverse.
Image Credit: Azuki

What is Azuki?

Azuki is a digital brand most known for the January 2022 release of 10,000 avatars. The NFT collection aims to be one of largest brands in the metaverse, as it already forms part of the leaders of the NFT world. The group also launched a succesful collection called Beanz, famous for being airdropped in Azuki’s private event at NFT LA 2022.

In conclusion, the launch of Hilumia is an exciting and innovative development for Azuki and the metaverse space. This world provides a unique experience for users to explore and connect with the Azuki team and other members of the community. With its immersive atmosphere and ever-evolving features, Hilumia has the potential to become a revolutionary platform for the NFT space.


Azuki’s Hilumia is set to revolutionize the NFT space with its metaverse city, providing an immersive experience for all users. Developed by Azuki, a well-known digital brand famous for their 10,000 avatars release, Hilumia features various locations offering unparalleled music and sound effects experiences; It’s the perfect way to bring people together in this burgeoning world of NFTs!

Hilumia has the potential to revolutionize the NFT space with its captivating atmosphere and continuously developing features.

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