There are many altcoins that have grown exponentially this year and it’s important to know which ones will have potential in the future as well. Here are three coins that you should consider investing in. They all offer something different, but they all have great potential for growth over time.

Any Crypto that is not a Bitcoin is known as an Altcoin. Today, Altcoins are becoming highly famous because they have more advanced features than those present in Bitcoins. They have a faster mode of payment, better encryption and utmost convenience to offer. So, if you are planning to buy a Crypto this year, we recommend you go for Altcoins.

So, which is the Altcoin you should purchase this year? Will it be profitable for you? In this content, we will answer all these queries for you in detail. Could you stick with us?

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1. Lucky Block 

Amidst all the new Altcoins that have recently hit the market, Lucky Block is doing amazing. This Crypto is also based on a blockchain network and promises to revive the idea of the traditional lottery. As such, it promises to deliver transparency and decrease draw time sufficiently. It may also skyrocket every individual’s opportunity to win. So, why not? Since the supply of this Altcoin is likely to go down after a time, the prices will eventually skyrocket. That is why, you can expect to gain a good value out of it in the later stages to come.

2. Ethereum 

One of the most exciting Cryptocurrencies that is paving the way for immense value is Ethereum. Today, it is very famous in the market and proves to be a great Altcoin after Bitcoin. It is a strong platform for those who wish to create and execute smart contracts efficiently. Apart from that, it may also help improve speed and lower the fees to an extreme level. So, if you wish to purchase a potential Altcoin, this could be all you need.

3. Stellar 

If you are looking for an Altcoin with an interesting use case, Stellar could be all you need. This Crypto works via Stellar Lumens, the potential network for native Crypto. As such, it focuses on improving the conventional banking system and allowing individuals to make better transactions over time. If you are looking for something like this, do not miss out on the opportunity to speak to your financial analyst and know more about this.

4. Cardano 

Initially, Cardano did not do very well, and it had to face significant amount of issues amidst other Altcoins. But today it is highly famous for the best experience. It is helping create smart contracts and build dApps too. So, if you are analysing how to try out another blockchain network, Cardano could be all you need.

Winding Up!

If you wish to know how to buy Altcoins this year, do not worry. For starters, identify which one you wish to purchase. Once you are done with that, move ahead to which type of Altcoin you wish to buy. Then, you can chalk out other important factors like where you will buy it, what is the purpose and how it will benefit you.