Kryll Trading Bot Review

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Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular daily, with new investors and traders involved in the market. The crypto industry is estimated to have a market capitalization of approximately about $430 billion globally. In the last two years, the crypto industry has been growing exponentially, and the trend is expected to continue into the foreseeable future. This is mainly because of cryptocurrencies’ many benefits, such as security, anonymity, and decentralization.

The crypto trading game is not for the faint of heart– it requires time, dedication, and a fair share of luck. Over the past few years, traders who didn’t have all these things lost money or missed opportunities.

Automated trading software, often known as trading bots, can trade the markets 24 hours a day, seven days a week (no need for sleep). This implies that these automated solutions could be quite beneficial in terms of time management, cost control, and risk management. The various auto trading systems now on the market provide better odds than ever before.

Kryll is a cutting-edge crypto trading tool that allows users to create auto-trading strategies through a simple drag-and-drop editor. With this tool, traders can define powerful crypto trading strategies consisting of blocks of logical operators, signals, variable values (market volume, trends, technical indicators, technical analysis), user notifications, and orders. This will make the entire process not only automatized but personalized as well.

We looked at Kryll’s capabilities after hearing that it is simple but effective. Read on to learn more about Kryll features, how the platform works, software, customer support, and whether it suits your goals as a crypto day trader. The Blockchain firm behind the Kryll project is Cryptense S.A.S., located in Sophia Antipolis’ European technology park in France’s southern region.

In early March, Kryll struck a deal with (Speculative Tokenized Trading Exchange), the world’s first broker-less and fraud-free trading platform that uses cutting-edge smart contract technology built on the Ethereum blockchain. Kryll plans to use Spectre’s existing technology and incorporate it into its own. This partnership has immense potential for its users.

About Kryll Trading Platform

Kryll was launched in 2018 as the go-to platform for crypto traders who want to use cutting-edge trading tools and strategies, as well as tap into the collective intelligence of the community. It was founded by a team that includes Luce Benevolo, Philipe Longere, Paul Collorafi, and others. Kryll allows users to design and create their own automated cryptocurrency trading strategy and set it to execute automatically.

The platform’s name is inspired by the Greek deity of dreams, who was said to be a master of prophecy and fortune-telling and a god of transformation. The software can automatically trade cryptocurrency to make it more accessible to everyone. Kryll aims to address issues such as the lack of suitable trading tools for professional crypto trading or the problem of high costs when buying pro tools for conducting crypto transactions.

The Kryll team will offer a simple yet potent trading approach using WYSIWYT (What You See Is What You Trade) technology to help traders avoid common mistakes.

After your tools have sufficiently demonstrated their usefulness, you can entrust them to live-trade on your behalf, as the crypto trading bot will keep making trades nonstop. It’s necessary to note that traders on Kryll can copy the strategies of more experienced day traders, which gives each user the ability to buy personalized strategies and offers opportunities for their strategies to be sold to profit from their experience.

Add to that that Kryll is integrated with all major exchanges, such as Binance and Bittrex, with more integrations in the pipeline.


  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Great Team behind the project
  • Low Fees
  • Extensive Help Section
  • A strong community of users
  • Supported on major exchange platforms


  • New Platform
  • The fee structure is a bit complex

Check out Kryll trading platform on the link below

Kryll – Automated crypto trading made simple

Kryll Trading Bot Demo

We were pleasantly surprised to discover that the platform offers a demo, which allows you to make changes before going live. This feature will allow traders to practice their algorithms in a realistic simulation setting, allowing them to demonstrate their mettle before they are sent out into the real world with actual money, saving time and money for all traders. In the demo, some pointers and tips might also assist beginners in getting started as quickly as possible.

How Do Blocks Work?

At Kryll, we want to ensure everyone can access cryptocurrencies- from experienced day traders to those just getting started. However, we understand that the block system can be confusing for newcomers. That’s why we’ll explain it in more detail so that users can better understand how the strategy-building process works.

Creating a New Strategy

Before using Kryll, traders must create a wallet that will serve as the portfolio for the strategy they want to develop. This is an important first step in creating a successful strategy.

Kryll’s system has five main block types for building successful trading strategies:

  • Market Trends – It provides trends analysis, such as price fluctuation, technical data analysis, and prognosis based on machine learning.
  • Trading Actions – allow users to purchase, sell, and hold assets or stop trading activity if needed.
  • Signals – This block combines recent tips from professional traders, Telegram channels or social networks.
  • Operators – It organizes data feeds and signal interactions.
  • Notifications – This block keeps users informed of a strategy’s status by text messages, emails, or smart notifications.

Price up and Price down Block

A price up block signals a movement when the price rises for the percentage you choose. Here are some possibilities:

  • Market EvolutionFor example, you can instruct your strategy to buy crypto if the price drops by 20% and then increases by 10%.
  • Last Order Price: The Last Order Price trigger block depends on the last order price and can be set to go off when the price falls or rises by a certain percentage. So, if you bought a coin at 0.1BTC and the trigger is programmed for movement when the price increases 10%, this will activate once it reaches lofty heights of 0.11BTC.
  • Last Block Price: This block is triggered if the price had risen by the percentage you selected in comparison to the previous block’s price, as compared to when your flow encountered it.
  • Average buy order: If the price reaches the average of your orders, this particular stop will be activated to take profit. Let’s say you bought 3 Ethers at these prices: 1ETH for $80, 1ETH for $110, and 1ETH for $170. In that case, your average purchase would be$120.

Price Down acts exactly like the PRICE UP block but is triggered when the price drops.


The volume blockchain is designed to activate when the volume changes by a specific percentage compared to its Moving Average, which the user can select.

  • Starting from the last block: Users may select which trade to execute automatically when volume goes up or down compared to the prior block.
  • Rolling: This is useful if you wish to execute a trade dependent on volume criteria such as ‘volume vs time.

If you want to expand your strategy, you can use other conditional blocks like an ‘Or’ block or an ‘And’ block. You could use the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) or Bollinger technical indicators if you have more advanced trading knowledge. The examples above should help give a stronger understanding of how to automated layering works as a foundation for your strategy overall.

Kryll Marketplace

The Kryll Marketplace is perfect for those who want to try out automated cryptocurrency trading but are not quite ready to take the plunge themselves. Traders who prefer to use already available strategies can visit the Marketplace section and find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

Some traders prefer to develop their solutions, while others prefer to use published strategy algorithms.

Every strategy has a brief explanation and accompanying directions. This makes it possible to confirm the results independently, and those employing the strategy can leave public feedback and ratings. Note that it is also possible to check the ratings, recommended pairs, and a number of users who have tried the strategy.

Kryll Token and Fees

For traders to use the Kryll platform, they must hold and utilize the native ERC-20 token called KRL. This fuel powers the platform’s strategies– meaning that without it, a trader’s strategy could shut off at any moment.

KRL is only available on a small number of specialized exchanges that are not as well-known (such as Liquid, IDEX, MERCATOX, and Yobit), which prevents most individuals from utilizing the platform. We already stated that to utilize Kryll’s services and finance their strategies, customers must acquire KRL.

The amount you pay for each strategic funding opportunity varies according to how many tokens you have in your account.

Kryll’s fees are frustratingly reasonable, but their pricing structure is confusing. They charge 0.0333% of the total amount you have invested in your strategy daily.

Is Kryll Trading Bot for Beginners, Pros, or Both?

Kryll’s services, while appealing to a wide range of skills, nevertheless seem geared toward novices.

Even with a basic user interface and a wealth of tutorials available, novices aren’t likely to get lost or scared away from Kryll.

This approach goes hand-in-hand with copy trading options and a marketplace of ready-made strategies. You don’t need any prior knowledge about crypto trading to get started.

Seasoned traders know their visions and potential strategies are worthless in the market.

Kryll’s simplistic approach to bot services belies their ability to generate revenue through sales to other businesses.

So, for individuals with little experience in the market, copy options, and conventional trading alternatives may appear to be straightforward. However, not precisely.

Kryll has come up with an odd payment method that has perplexed us, so we can only imagine how bewildered those without much expertise will be. More on that in the next part.

There are also savings available if you have a certain amount of KRL. If you don’t have a KRL holding package, you’ll be charged $0.166 per day, so there will be no reductions. However, if you possess 50,000 KRL, you will get a 50% reduction on the total fees, resulting in just $0.083 each day for you to enjoy.

The Kryll platform offers the following packages that each depend on the amount of KRL that you hold:


All traders start with 0 KRL accounts. This account comes with 10 trading slots and a daily live test cost of $0.06. It offers a 20% referral program and has regular backtest speeds.

5,000 KRL

This package has regular backtest speeds and offers a 15% fee discount, 20% referral program, $0.05 daily live test costs, and 20 slots.

20,000 KRL

This tier has boosted backtest speeds. It has 30 trading slots, a fee discount of 35%, and a referral bonus of 30%. It also offers a daily live test cost of $0.04.

50,000 KRL

This expensive account type offers boosted backtest speed and carries a daily live test price of $0.03. It also comes with 40 trading slots and has a 50% fee discount with a 35% referral bonus.

100,000 KRL

This account type has priority backtest speed, 75% fee discount, 40% referral, $0.02 daily live test costs and 50 trading slots. This particular tier defines itself as a value deal for many traders.

200,000 KRL

As the platform’s most advanced and expensive account type, this package has priority backtest speeds and comes with 60 trading slots and a daily live test fee of $0.01. It also has a whopping fee discount of 95%, while the referral bonus is 45%.

As you can see, the features that change with each package are:

  • Trading slots
  • Fee discounts
  • Referral bonus
  • Backtest speeds

It’s also critical to remember that those who choose to hire a trading technique created by another user will have to pay charges in the form of KRL tokens, which represent provider costs and vary based on the strategy. However, some suppliers are completely free.

Kryll Team

The Kryll team is made up of seasoned computer programmers and Internet experts. The company’s CEO and CTO, Luca Benevolo and Philippe Longere, have been trading cryptocurrencies for years. With their experience in software development, trading, law, machine learning, and economic sciences, they’ve chosen to construct the proper platform and tool for cryptocurrency investors.

You will find many unique trading techniques on this platform that you would not find elsewhere, as it is supported by experts such as researcher-based academics and lawyers from Ernst & Young.

Members of the team are:

  • Luca BENEVOLO: CEO / Founder / Architect
  • Philippe LONGERE: CTO / Founder
  • Paul COLLORAFI: CMO / Strategist
  • Francis PRAT: Artistic Director
  • Fabien MABON: Backend Expert
  • Jay SALVAT: Frontend Expert
  • Lisa PONS: Marketing Officer / PR
  • Jeremy BLOT: Community Manager

Nine advisors assist their work and give great contributes. Advisors are:

  • Jerôme CHIFFLET
  • Thomas HERLIN
  • Nicolas IVALDI
  • Clement LAFORET
  • Patrick MUSSO
  • Millie TAING
  • Sylvain THEVENIAUD
  • Raphael TRONCY
  • Pui-Ching CHAU


Kryll is cloud-based automation software that, according to the manufacturer, should handle its security rather than handing it over to the user. It runs on a secure server but lacks two-factor authentication (two-factor verification).

Because Kryll has direct access to your money rather than relying on API keys, it minimizes the time it takes to get your funds back. We don’t recommend this method since it opens a backdoor into your wallet in case of a security breach.

Another vulnerability in the chain of service that Kryll provides is a lack of security. It’s time to up the game considerably.

Customer Support

Kryll offers live chat customer support, which most people prefer because it is quick and easy. All you have to do is fill out your name and email address, describe your problem, and upload any relevant documents (up to five). The first available customer service representative will get back to you shortly.

There is also the FAQ section for those traders who want to learn more. However, they could contact the customer support team if they cannot find the answer to a question.

Official channels: 

Kryll Reputation

Kryll was launched to the public in January 2019, making it a relatively new platform. In such a short amount of time, it has already started gaining traction and acknowledgment from users in the crypto community.

The platform has received rave reviews from users, and professional critics are singing our praises too.

Supported Exchanges

Despite being new in the sector, Kryll is supported on major exchange platforms, including:

  • Bittrex
  • Poloniex
  • Bitfinex
  • Coinbase/Gdax
  • Cryptopia
  • Binance
  • HitBTC
  • Bitstamp
  • Kraken

We can also expect Kryll to be available on other crypto exchanges with further developments. Also, the platform supports all cryptos listed on each exchange, so traders don’t have to worry about being restricted from using certain digital assets.

Because Kryll is connected with all major exchanges, you may set up a trading strategy and leave it alone rather than constantly monitoring trades between several platforms.

It’s also worth noting that you’ll need to obtain an API key to integrate your exchange account with the Kryll platform. This gives Kryll the authority to execute automatic trades on your behalf and allows them access to your exchange login credentials. Your approach will operate independently. The Kryll platform, on the other hand, does not have access to your exchange login details, ensuring that your information is kept safe.

Final Verdict

Kryll is a relatively new platform that has already started gaining traction and acknowledgment from users in the crypto community. The platform has received rave reviews from users, and professional critics are singing our praises too. Kryll currently supports all cryptos listed on each exchange, so traders don’t have to worry about being restricted from using certain digital assets. Because Kryll is connected with all major exchanges, you may set up a trading strategy and leave it alone rather than constantly monitoring trades between several platforms. Overall, we believe that Kryll is a great tool for those who want to get into cryptocurrency trading and for experienced traders who want to automate their strategies.

Check out Kryll on the link below

Kryll – Automated crypto trading made simple

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