Bonus bitcoin Review 2022 | Is it Legit or Scam? Find Out Here!

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Bonus Bitcoin is another option for obtaining Bitcoins for free.

The commission you earn is not large, and there’s no limit to how much money you can make every 15 minutes.

But is Bonus Bitcoin a safe way to earn Bitcoins? Or is it like other opportunities simply trying to scam you out of your money?

There are many questions about Bonus Bitcoin, but it does not seem like a scam.

Bonus Bitcoin is a bitcoin faucet that gives you a Satoshi (one-hundred-millionth of a Bitcoin) reward for completing tasks.

These bitcoin faucets are a great way for beginners to learn about cryptocurrency, and best of all, they’re free!

They give Satoshi every 15 minutes, and the amount you get is random. You only need to solve the reCAPTCHA to get your free Satoshi.

There are, of course, a few gripes and quarrels about Bonus Bitcoin, the most important of which is that the amount of Bitcoin you may earn is tiny.

Some users have raised concerns that this opportunity might be a scam or Ponzi scheme and that the site is overrun with ads.

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Who Uses Bonus Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Bonus is intended for two groups: those who wish to generate money online and acquire some Bitcoins and the other being those looking to make a little extra cash.

This website also creates an advertising opportunity for companies with products targeting cryptocurrency users. These businesses can use this site to reach their target consumers interested in cryptocurrencies.

Bonus Bitcoin is a high-traffic website that, because of the current popularity of cryptocurrency, gives advertisers many opportunities to reach individuals. The site has numerous ads, likely for this reason.

Bonus Bitcoin gives users the chance to earn free Bitcoin. The site says that every 15 minutes, you have the potential to earn 5,000 Satoshi. To get your cryptocurrency, answer a reCAPTCHA question.

Becoming a member is free and simple; in the next section, I’ll discuss the registration process in detail.

I’ll also provide more details about how Bonus Bitcoin works.

How Does Bonus Bitcoin Work?

With Bonus Bitcoin, you have the chance to earn BTC for free. The only thing required is solving a reCAPTCHA.

You will be paid in Satoshi, a fraction of a Bitcoin. There’s no limit to how much money you can make on the site, but it claims that you may earn up to 5,000 Satoshi.

To get free Bitcoin, you must first create an account and become a member. It’s easy to do since all you have to do is provide your email address and a password. You must also click the reCAPTCHA to confirm that you are a human. You will then be a registered member after completion.

You’ll need to create a Coinpot account to claim your free Satoshi. This is a cryptocurrency wallet that was created to hold and aggregate all of your earnings from various sources. The wallet supports several altcoins, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin.

Once you reach the minimum payout threshold, your earnings will be credited to your Bitcoin wallet. Now that you’ve set up a Coinpot account, you may begin claiming the site’s free Satoshi. Every 15 minutes, you may earn Satoshi.

Bonus Bitcoin pays out cryptocurrency rewards to its users, with payouts typically ranging from 5,000 Satoshi. However, the amount paid is not guaranteed and depends on various factors.

The first factor is the conversion of Bitcoin to U.S. Dollars, and the second is the ad revenue they are getting. So, don’t expect to earn 5,000 Satoshi consistently.

If you block the advertising on this site, they’ll stop you from getting any Bitcoin from their faucet. This site earns revenue through advertising, so you mustn’t block the ads.

Not only does Bonus Bitcoin have a Bitcoin faucet, but it also has a referral program. You can earn 50% commission on your referrals’ earnings for life!

Is there a deadline for withdrawing your profits? You may withdraw your gains when you have reached 10,000 Satoshis (0.0001 Bitcoin) on Coinpot.

What People are Saying about Bonus Bitcoin?

Many reviews and comments about Bonus Bitcoin are positive, saying the site is legitimate and that it pays in Bitcoins. Of course, some complaints and issues about this opportunity, starting with very low pay.

You can only earn as much as 5,000 Satoshi, equivalent to 0.00005 Bitcoin. As of this writing, that number equals $0.35, which is not a lot.

Then you have to consider that you won’t always get an amount that high. You’re more likely to make about $0.01 to $0.18 per 15 minutes here, which is low.

While some members have complained about the number of advertisements on the site, it is something that you will have to accept since Bitcoin faucets rely on advertising revenue.

Ad revenue is where they get the money from, and then they share a portion of that with the members in the form of free cryptocurrency.

Keep in mind that there will be many ads on the Bitcoin faucet site–this is a good thing as it indicates that the faucet is earning money.

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Pros for Bonus Bitcoin

Now that we know what Bonus Bitcoin is and what they offer, it’s time to discuss what I like about this opportunity.

Two things that I like about Bonus Bitcoin are that it is free to join and has a referral program. The referral program allows you to earn more money and reach the minimum withdrawal faster.

Cons for Bonus Bitcoin

While Bonus Bitcoin has some upsides, you should be aware of potential drawbacks.

  • Bonus Bitcoin is not viable if you want to earn significant money. The most you can make from the website is 0.35 cents, which isn’t all that common. You usually will make significantly less than that every 15 minutes, so it doesn’t seem worth your time for such measly earning potential.
  • Bonus Bitcoin is not the site for you if advertisements bother you. Most bitcoin faucets earn revenue from ads, so many ads are on the site. So unless you don’t mind looking at several promotions, this chance isn’t for you.

Do I Recommend Bonus Bitcoin?

I can’t recommend Bonus Bitcoin after I’ve learned more about it, and after examining the details, I believe it’s a gamble that isn’t worth taking.

Yes, the site is legitimate, and they do pay up. You can also add that membership is free, and you don’t need to do anything special to earn.

But I don’t think the money you can earn is worth the time you need to spend on this site.

Even if you check it out, don’t expect to earn much money.

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