Totem Gamified Social Metaverse 2022 With Reward For XOiD NFT Holders | Earn Passive Income By Staking & Minting

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totem gamified social metaverse with rewards

LONDON, March 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Totem, the pioneer developer of a Web3 social network and community tool, has announced its plan to launch a gamified social metaverse.

totem gamified social metaverse with rewards

In a move that is sure to excite blockchain enthusiasts and social media users alike, Totem has announced the launch of its much anticipated gamified social metaverse – TotemXR. The metaverse will be available first for XOiD holders on March 31st, with a quest that will reward CTZN.

The metaverse called TotemXR will be available first for XOiD holders on March 31st – with a quest that will reward CTZN.

XOiDs are a collection of 4,444 unique NFT avatars that unlock the metaverse dashboard. These utility assets were launched in December and they remain central to the overall Totem experience.

XOiDs also have a major utility in the Totem XR ecosystem. The game will be set in the XOiD AXIS, the premiere AXIS of Totem OS. AXIS is Totem OS’ NFT gated community interface with tools like minting, staking, announcements, and calendar.

It will follow a cinematic storyline set in a virtual terrain and include many staking missions, collectible NFTs and XR capabilities.

Holders can earn passive income by staking their XOiD assets, while maintaining full ownership at all times.

This is possible through smart contracts that safeguard assets while earning APY.

Totem also aims to provide a gamified experience through Totem XRs first gameplay map: Xela Earth. This will allow XOiD collectors to earn Totem’s ecosystem utility token, the $CTZN token.

Missions and Game Play

Xela Earth is divided into phases to create a more exciting experience. Each phase features several missions. INITIOS is the first mission in the first phase of the game. It is set to begin on March 31st and run for 30 days.

It is a training mission to prepare all users to explore planet Meka. This makes the mission a necessary first step in a much larger journey into Xela Earth and Meka, an unknown and unexplored world.

To begin the training mission, users need to stake 3 XOiDs. In return, citizens can claim rewards in the form of $CTZN tokens for completing the mission. These serve to empower you for more journeys within the metaverse.

Higher rarity XOiDs and XOiDs with multiple rare traits will return with more CTZN rewards. Thus, players need to get 3 different XOiDs with the rarest traits to get the most out of the mission.

When a XOiD is on a mission, users cannot trade it. After INITIOS, the second training mission, MEDIUS, will unlock from April 30 and last for another 30 days. Users must stake a XOiD and 555 CTZN to participate in this mission. In return, users will earn a Meka Kube – an AI tool and companion NFT.

Many more gaming levels will be unveiled in subsequent phases as the players advance through the playing experience.

These future levels will also feature more dynamic gameplay and rewards.

The Path to More

Xela Earth is only the first of what Totem plans to offer metaverse enthusiasts in terms of utility.

Apart from a gamified social metaverse, Totem’s roadmap details a progression of activities to bring the project to more people interested in the metaverse and aid mainstream adoption.

One step is to create a marketplace for easy exchange of rewards and assets acquired in different AXIS communities and Totem XR.

To find out more about the ecosystem and other Totem plans, please visit the website at

About Totem

Totem is a collection of builders, artists, and technicians built around altruism, spirituality, and meaningful consumeristic experiences.

The company is building New Earth Systems by forging Web3 tools and communities into a single Operating System (OS).

Totem is providing Web3 tools, NFT-gated communities, and more all in one place to bring real-world utility to community members and the open metaverse.

The company is participating in the blockchain movement to ensure a consciously governed global ledger that is trusted and dependable.

To achieve this, it formed partnerships with dominant names in the blockchain industry.

Totem is an ambitious project with a goal to create and develop the next-generation of Web3 tools, communities, and Operating Systems. The company has partnered with some of today’s most influential blockchain industry names like Consensys in order to build on its vision for New Earth Systems. As Totem continues to grow and thrive, it will continue to build on these partnerships to bring the New Earth Systems vision to fruition.

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