See What Crypto Whales Are Buying As BTC Hit New Record Low April 2022

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50,105,000 USDT Worth 50,105,000 USD Transferred From FTX to Unknown Wallet
  • In the past 36 hours, the ETH prices have fallen below $3000 multiple times.
  • The crypto community is worried about the Federal Chair meeting on Thursday.

Bitcoin (BTC) has fallen to record lows on Saturday, as most of the other cryptocurrencies have, but it shows no signs of recovery. Coingecko data show Bitcoin was trading around $39,510 late on Friday, down 4%, signaling trouble in the market. This pattern has resulted in massive equity losses for traders. As a consolation, the interest rate and market value volatility now associated with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a solace.

This past week, indications on price charts showed that altcoins’ performances toed the same line as BTC. Most altcoins recorded a significant price decline, especially since the altcoin was stuck around the $3000 price range over the last few days.

In the past 36 hours, the ETH prices have fallen below $3000 after anticipations of the FOMC got through. The crypto community worried about the Federal Chair meeting on Thursday, which did not end well. To arrest inflation, the Fed has been under pressure to raise interest rates after resisting it throughout 2021.

Whale Alert

Whale Alert examines transactions from several blockchains, interprets them, and stores them in a single standard format in its databases. For example, an unknown whale from an anonymous wallet has transferred 50,105,000 USDT to an unknown wallet from FTX. In addition, Whale Alert, a blockchain analytics and monitoring company highlighted that the transaction was worth 50,105,000 USD.

Crypto whales are back in action, as hundreds of millions of dollars of ETH are being transferred overnight. The Whale Alert monitoring and analytical tool first identified the massive crypto transfer networks. According to Whale Alert data, the transaction occurred on Sun, 24 Apr 2022, 00:42:24 UTC.


How do you spot a whale crypto?

To identify whales, you can monitor the wallet addresses of the largest holders as well as exchange wallets — to stay alert of any significant shifts in cryptocurrency. Monitor order books. If you suddenly witness larger-than-normal buy orders, there may be a whale in play.

How many Bitcoins does it take to become a whale?

In order to be in that threshold and be considered a Bitcoin Whale, you would need to hold approximately 100 Bitcoin (roughly $4 million USD).

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