In 2022, medical training is not a two-dimensional experience. It’s immersive and in full 3D. Medical students are fully immersed in a virtual operating room with all the tools they need to become surgeons.

8chili Virtual Reality in Cardiology Metaverse at ACC 22

WASHINGTON DC, WASHINGTON DC, USA, April 4, 2022 / — 8chili, Inc., a San Francisco-based deep tech company that is building the underlying infrastructure for metaverse content creation and distribution is demonstrating Virtual Reality solutions in Cardiology at the annual American College of Cardiology (ACC) scientific meetings event at the Walter E Washington Convention Center.

Registered delegates and attendees can experience VR solutions with the latest in immersive technologies in health care at the exhibit floor at Booth 3220 from April 02 to April 04, 2022.

Demos include:

Patient engagement in 3D

HintVR platform enables surgeons to consult with their patient in full immersion for a more informed consent and better patient outcomes

Pre-op Planning

Plan every complication before hand with fellow surgeons in medically accurate 3D reconstructed from patient scans.


Relive the Experience with Virtual Teleportation

Feel virtually teleported to any scene for a first person perspective. Practice alongside words’s top surgeons and healthcare professionals in full immersive 3D.


Remote Learning Proctoring

Be a part of live remote learning or proctoring experience with full immersion and no distractions.


Intraop Image Guidance

Perform image guided procedures by accurately overlaying 3D reconstruction of MRI/CT scans of the patient on the patient. Use advanced segmentation, fusion, visualization and instrument tracking.

Patient Engagement and Education

Health risk factors that patients can manage and improve through lifestyle changes for better cardiovascular health.

Patients can engage with learning and risk assessment tools in VR to make personalized health changes for improvements in health on a path to wellness.

About 8chili

8chili is a deep tech company that is building the underlying infrastructure for metaverse content creation and distribution. HintVR™ is a device agnostic end to end platform that enables not only creation and customization of original 3D content but also distribution or delivery of this content across various metaverse estates solving the problem of reach and content for organizations looking to offer services to their metaverse users.