AI and its Influence on Cryptocurrency Prices: FET, AGIX, and GRT’s Impact

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The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in the cryptocurrency market has caused a significant impact on the prices of AI cryptocurrencies, with Fetch.AI (FET), SingularityNET (AGIX), and The Graph (GRT) leading the charge. Investors are increasingly turning to these robust AI cryptocurrencies, drawn by the prospect of exponential growth and a bullish market. In this article, we will explore the influence of AI on cryptocurrency prices, and how FET, AGIX, and GRT’s prices are expected to continue to rise in the future.

Since its advent, the crypto market has witnessed multiple ups and downs and attracted investors to jump on this bandwagon. However, the latest trend that has shaken up the crypto space is the integration of artificial intelligence with the crypto market, leaving many investors questioning its future potential and market dominance.

As the sideways performance in the traditional crypto market bores investors, many are exploring robust AI cryptocurrencies to ride a bullish ride with the futuristic vision of AI and exponential growth.

AI Cryptocurrencies Awaken Investors!

The world of artificial intelligence has been rapidly evolving this year with the birth of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which paved the way for AI to the next-gen evolution. With millions of users getting involved in the AI sector, tech giants are coming up to take the leading role.

Microsoft’s $10 billion investment into OpenAI and Google’s battle with ChatGPT by innovating its competitor Bard boasts a massive price surge in AI cryptocurrencies. In the last 24 hours, Fetch.AI, the SingularityNET token, and the Graph token made a price jump of over 25% with the buying pressure from massive whale stacking.

Fetch.AI (FET) Price Analysis

The FET token has brought an impressive surge of over 20% in the last 24 hours and is currently trading near $0.55. In addition, the FET token has emerged in the top list of daily gainers as the community identified the potential as an interchain bridge and its contribution to the Autonomy of Things (AoT).

Moreover, whales continue accumulating FET tokens in the dip as its mainnet recorded over five million transactions, as reported by the developing team. Looking at the daily price chart, FET is expected to surge more, and a breakout above its yearly resistance level at $0.62 may push the token upward by 50% and test its resistance near $1.1.

SingularityNET (AGIX) Price Analysis

Since the beginning of 2023, SingularityNET’s native token AGIX rose over 900%, and the team is actively working on developing an AGI or artificial general intelligence. Additionally, SingularityNET’s MeTTa today partnered with Cardano’s Plutus, which sparked a 30% in the AGIX price chart in just a few hours.

As of writing, AGIX trades at $0.56, with a rise of over 30% from yesterday’s performance. Looking at the daily price chart, AGIX is heading toward its 2021’s high of $0.67, above which the AI token may continue its bullish trend to $1.

The Graph (GRT) Price Analysis

After being trapped in a consolidated zone, the Graph token price has recently spiked after being influenced by the bullish rally of AI cryptocurrencies. After breaking above the EMA-200 trend line, the GRT token is currently heading for 2022’s price levels.

According to CoinMarketCap, the Graph token trades at $0.1785 with a surge of over 35%. The next resistance level for validating a bullish trend continuation is at $0.21, above which the GRT token may trade near $0.3.


In conclusion, the integration of AI in the cryptocurrency market has brought about a new era in crypto investing, and FET, AGIX, and GRT are leading the charge. With millions of users getting involved in the AI sector and tech giants like Microsoft and Google investing in the field, it is clear that AI cryptocurrencies have a promising future. As the demand for AI-powered cryptocurrencies continues to grow, we can expect to see continued price increases in the future, making these tokens an attractive investment opportunity for investors.

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