Metaverse Debit Card With Unique Benefits & Rewards | MoverDAO Metacard Launch 2022

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moverdao metacard - a debit card for the metaverse

MoverDAO is announcing a double-down effort and a first attempt to connect and bridge all metaverses on existing and isolated networks through a multichain savings card.  Metacard will be a collectible, spendable asset that bridges universes and provides unique benefits and rewards to users.

MoverDAO focuses on bridging DeFi and traditional finance via the crypto debit card. It offers a suite of decentralized services, including savings and AMM aggregator, while empowering holders of its native token, MOVE, to vote on proposals from protocols for native integration.

Believing in the fast expansion and growth of Metaverse and NFT projects, MoverDAO is announcing a double-down effort and a first attempt to connect and bridge all metaverses on existing and isolated networks through a multichain savings card.

Mover Metacard

Metacard will be a collectible, metaverse-ready NFT. It is a redeemable NFT, meaning that it can exist both: on-chain and in a physical form. MoverDAO describes Metacard as an extendable NFT that can unify rewards across various metaverses and networks while automating them in permissionless savings with a native connection to a crypto debit card.

Metacard tagline — “Imagine a world where you can have one card that suits all metaverses. It holds your crypto balance and bridges rewards to your crypto debit card.” summarizes the bold attempt to make crypto and NFT space more inclusive, and convenient.

Unique benefits

Metacard offers several customization options to the owners via the native, MOVE, token. Being a redeemable collectible, it offers digital skin customization. The owner gets to alter the look of their Metacard both on-chain and in the metaverse. It also offers customization of Metacard IDs, which are carried over to a physical version of the card upon redemption.

Metacard smart contract will automate yield rewards across various metaverses and networks. Being EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible, MoverDAO will be working on building bridges to all major metaverses, and projects. It means that Metacard will be infinitely expandable, allowing more players and citizens of metaverses, as well as DAO members, to utilize their benefits.

The key unique feature of a Metacard will be the ability to use those rewards in the real world. The direct rewards top-up, straight to your crypto debit card from a non-custodial wallet of your choice. MoverDAO describes it as playing in different metaverse games but spending rewards in a local grocery shop.

Metacard launch — eligibility guidelines and rules

Metacard will be launched in guarded phases to ensure a smooth experience for all users. To participate in the initial launch phase, users will have to meet one of the three options:

  • To be an existing user – MoverDAO provides priority to the current users of the permissionless platform. Addresses that use the Smart Treasury service for over 30 days will be eligible for priority access.
  • MoverDAO NFT holders — Those who hold NFTs from the collections created and gifted by the MoverDAO will also be eligible for priority access.
  • Active community members — The most active community members on Discord and Telegram channels will also be eligible for priority launch access.

While the exact launch date is kept secret, MoverDAO teased the community in a crypto-native mentioning that it will be “sooner than soon”. The snapshot for protocol usage, NFT holders, or the community activity has not been taken yet, leaving room for new participants willing to immerse in the new metaverse convenient rewards experience.

About MoverDAO

MoverDAO is a community owned, user centered and permissionless protocol building the first metaverse savings card. It is an NFT card that is metaverse-ready, comes with automated DeFi Savings, and a crypto debit card. All in one place.

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