CHR Token Price Prediction June 2022 & Beyond | Is Chromia A Good Investment This Year In The Metaverse Space?

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Apace with the evolution in the DeFi space, the crypto market has experienced immense developments across NFTs and the Gaming sector. The recent expansion in blockchain gaming has led a majority of the NFT creators and institutional traders to purchase space in Metaverse.

The growing interest in metaverse-based projects has driven a massive cash-inflow in the sector. One of the projects which have seen sustainable growth post the trend reversal to Meta was Chromia (CHR). With the market now being in the dip, are you interested in buying some CHR at the lows, but perplexed of its returns? Worry not, as this write-up will cover the price predictions for 2022 and beyond.


Cryptocurrency. Chromia.
Token. CHR.
Price. $0.1778
Market Cap. $100.873,434
Trading Volume. $72,015,251
Circulating Supply. 567,369,439.00 CHR.
All-time high. $1.46 on November 20th, 2021.
All-time low. $0.01594 March 14th, 2020.

Chromia (CHR) Price Prediction For 2022

Potential Low Average Price  Potential High
$0.369 $0.524 $0.6503

  Chromia had entered the year 2022, whilst being on the cliff at $0.974. Falling from which landed the price at $0.63, by the 10th of January. An increase in purchase activities helped CHR pose a rebound to $0.947. But a crash in the market dragged the price to $0.513 by the 22nd of January.

After a sideways trend until the 3rd of February, a leg-up pushed the price to $0.666 by the 8th of the month. But volatility and uncertainty in the business led to the price finding support at $0.3773 on the 21st of February. An uptrend starting from the 16th of March helped close the quarter at $0.558.

Chromia’s (CHR) Price Prediction For Q2

The price of CHR has slipped to its support levels of $0.1559, from the peaks of the start of April. A rebound from the oversold regions might push the price toward $0.219. Validating a run from which might push the price to its potential high of $0.2332.

However, a prolonged dominance of the bears might slash the price down to $0.1397. That said, an equilibrium in buying and selling pressures might settle the price at $0.1966.

CHR Forecast For Q3

With developmental initiatives such as containerized resource management for dApps. Ethereum L2 base subsystem, cross-chain communication subsystem, directory chain, hierarchical anchoring, and FT3 Audits materializing. The price of CHR might propel to its potential high of $0.4011.

Howbeit, failing to comprise its visions and diminishing stance might lead the way to a fall to $0.2325. Successively, considering the bullish and bearish targets, the average price might settle at $0.3293.

Chromia Prediction For Q4

  If the network manages to attract the crowd from its plausible feats in the sectors of gaming and Defi. Coupled with a possible ascend in adoptions coming from enterprises and real-world utility. CHR’s price may escalate to a maximum value of $0.6503.

On the contrary, if the bears outrun the bulls, the altcoin might slump down to $0.369. Constrained by linear price propulsion the regular price could remain bound to $0.524.

CHR Price Forecast For 2023

With the series of planned developments such as Ephemeral dependencies and Dev Chain launcher going live. The price might chug up to mark its new ATH of $1.619. On the contrary, failing to adhere to its expectations, followed by negative criticism. The price might slip down to $0.6909.

Price Prediction Of Chromia For 2024

 If evolution in the metaverse space captivates the traction of a massive user base. And if it brings significant development in contemplation of Metaverse gaming. It has the potential to reach a maximum of $3.07 by the year’s end.  With average buy and sell pressures, the CHR price would trade at $2.318 by the year’s end. On the flip side, the price could plummet to $1.486.

Price Trajectory For 2025

As the Metaspace continues to evolve, the network will certainly plan for its expansion. Where the currency may face regulatory compliance across different countries, this may result in a pullback to $2.934. If the altcoin manages to pass all the incoming hurdles significantly, the price could surge up to $5.816.

Year Potential Low Potential High
2023 $0.6909 $1.619
2024 $1.486 $3.07
2025 $2.934 $5.816

What Does The Market Say?

Wallet Investor:

As per the revised prediction of Wallet Investors. Chromia’s price is forecasted to hit a maximum of $0.85 by the end of 2022. While a reversal in trend might lash the price down to $0.52. An equilibrium in buying and selling pressures could settle the price at $0.676. The firm has also pinned targets for the long term. CHR is anticipated to hit a maximum of $2.202 by the end of 2025.

Digital Coin Price:

According to Digital Coin Price, Chromia could soar to reach a price close to $0.21 by the end of 2022. The analysts from the firm believe the altcoin might go as high as $0.24 by the end of 2023. And $0.31 by the end of 2025.


Gov. capital has changed its price prediction for Chromia. It expects the digital asset to hit a maximum of $0.887 by the end of 2022. Whilst bearish trends could knock the price down to $0.656, the average price might find support at $0.772. Gov. Capital also hosts the forecasts for the long term. It foresees CHR to hit a maximum price tag of $5.52 by the end of 2025.

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What Is Chromia? 

Chromia is an open-source public blockchain platform. Which unveils the potential to build decentralized finance applications in the physical world for a future-ready technology. The platform has its own native token called CHR. Which was built to support the Chromia blockchain and instigate a favourable relationship between developers, investors, and traders.

The protocol could be used by dApps as payment of hosting fees. Further, the platform’s primary currency would be also used for staking purposes. The Chromia is built on a relational blockchain which comprises of relational database and blockchain. The relational database supports users’ social networks and the web. In addition, these databases are spread everywhere across the majority of the enterprises.

Fundamental Analysis

Chromia was launched by Henrik Hjelte, Or Perelman, and Alex Mizrahi back in 2012. Henrik Hjelte is the CEO of the company.  Alex Mizrahi, the present CTO of the network introduced revolutionary upgrades in contemplation of user-defined assets on a blockchain. In addition, Or Perelman works as COO of the company.

All the three co-founders have been dedicatedly working on enabling support for enterprises, governments, and institutional investors. And hold creative working for the team spread all over the world. The platform has deployed a consensus system built on PBFT. Besides, the launch of Rell 0.7 continues to evolve with each passing day.

The platform’s Post chain 3 release featured an advanced transaction scheme (GTX) along with a value serialization model (GTV). In addition, the team is dedicatedly working on post chain synchronization system overhaul, Block hooks. And Ethereum Layer-2 base subsystem to release in the short term.

As a whole Chromia ecosystem has been a layer-1 and layer-2 blockchain solution provider. Under rapid maturation, with a core goal of delivering well-built features, data handling, and storage capabilities to DeFi applications.

Our Price Prediction

Chromia is one of the young and promising metaverse tokens. According to Coinpedia’s formulated Chromia price prediction, it may smash $0.65 by the end of 2022. On the downside, market fluctuations and uncertain global conditions, even failure of upgrades can be a possible setback for the altcoin. And thereby the Chromia price may struggle to consolidate around $0.36 by the year-end.

Historic Market Sentiments


Chromia made its way to the mainnet in September 2020. Though the protocol had come up with significant upgrades, the altcoin struggled to reach the expectations. Throughout the year the CHR price hovered around $0.256 with a lack in trend.


Chromia price made its way to the limelight in the month of March. For the initial two months, the CHR price hovered around $0.425, then made its first parabolic move. The price approximately surged more than 200%, surging from $0.05 to $0.5636. However, as bulls failed to carry forward the momentum. The asset made a sluggish move from a high of $0.5 to $0.1286.

With a significant correction, the asset grew from $0.1483 to $0.4609. Post the token’s listing on the Huobi exchange on 31st July. The CHR price has seen a gradual rise up to $0.4609. Facebook’s rebranding to Meta, helped the price take up another parabolic move to a new ATH of $1.48 on November 20th. The vast build-up in sell-off pressures resulted in a prolonged bear market and the CHR price ended up trading at $0.5245.

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Q: Is Chromia a good investment?

A: Yes, if you are planning for the long term Chromia looks promising in the metaverse space. As the platform might come up with new collaborations.

Q: Where to trade Chromia (CHR) Token?

A: Chromia can be traded on various exchanges like Binance, Bybit, OKEx, Huobi, and many more.

Q: Is Chromia worth buying in 2022?

A: Chromia has the potential to be a profitable short-term investment. As the Metaverse space has been taking up another step to revolutionize the gaming sector.

Q: How high will CHR’s price rise in 2022?

A: The price of CHR might rise as high as $0.6503 by the end of 2022.

Q: What can be the maximum trading price of Chromia by the end of 2022?

A: The altcoin might surge to a maximum of $5.816 by the end of 2025.

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